Official UK Driving Theory & Hazard Perception CD/DVD 2015 In
  Gujarati, Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali and Arabic

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£14.99 In Gujarati Urdu Punjabi Bengali Arabic  DVD SET

2015 UK Driving Theory Test CD/DVD

The UK's Best Theory CD & Hazard perception DVD

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All Theory Driving Tests taken after 7th April 2014 can only be taken in English. 

We are providing DVD’s which have both the foreign language voice along with the English voiceover.



All DVD's ARE VALID FROM 2014/2015

You will get 2 Disks: 1 x THEORY TEST   &   1 x HAZARD PERCEPTION

With Voice Over in English AND Voice Over in your chosen Language


This is the NEW 2015 EDITION with all the new questions & answers regarding all subjects

Contains every single question and answer for the new 2015 car Theory Test.

    Driving Theory Test & Hazard Perception 2015 CD/DVD 2 Disk Set
 Available In: Arabic, Bengali, Urdu, Punjabi & Gujarati

The Theory Test PC-DVD contains the following:

○    Virtual Exam for Theory Test contains official DSA question bank for 2015
○    Progress Monitor where you can spot your weaknesses
○    Voice Over for all questions and answers in the chosen language
○    Learn by Chapter Option

The Hazard Perception PC-DVD contains the following:

○    DSA Hazard Perception Introduction Video translated in your chosen language
○    Virtual Exam for Hazard Perception Test using Clip


This driving theory CD is valid for test taken in 2014. The questions in this CD are those in English and have been carefully Translated in your chosen language and in doing so all efforts have been made to make the Translation simple and meaningful. To enable learners pass their test in the first attempt. You will find this CD preferable against others available In the market. On account of this fact we welcome your comments and Suggestions to improve and add quality to the next edition. The CD contains ALL official driving theory questions. In Britain you will find many Books & CD in your chosen language but this CD will convince you once you use it. The CD will help to learn and practice official driving theory test QUESTIONS. CD contain all of those questions asked in official driving theory test and you can listen question and answer in your chosen language in the same way as official driving theory test. If you cannot speak or read English even then this CD will help you to pass the test.


Some information about driving license

In Britain driving test is held by DSA. For a driving test in Britain you are required to hold provisional driving license. You can get form at a post office or DVLA. There is fee for this license. DVLA authorizes you with a provisional license to help you learn driving on the roads in Britain and take driving test. Further information regarding driving license can be had from

Test is taken in two parts
1. Driving Theory Test
2. Practical Driving Test

Information Regarding Driving Theory Test

Driving theory test is given on computer and in two parts. First part test is given on computer and contains 50 questions, to pass this test you are required to pass 43 questions in 57minutes. The questions on the computer are in English but by touching with finger or clicking with mouse you will hear question in your desired language. Remember that the questions will appear on the screen in your desired language but to listen for the answer you will have to touch the choices or click. You can take driving theory test in 20 languages which include Urdu, Gujrati, Punjabi, Hindi, Pushto, Bengali, Kashmiri & Mirpuri etc. You can hear questions and responses in different language through headphone. When you book a driving theory test you must tell the driving standard agency the option of language, you will answer. On the contrary you can experience difficulty. 


Sooner you finish driving theory test, with a few minutes passage, you will be given result. If you succeed you will be given driving theory pass certificate with the result. This certificate will be valid for two year.
To pass driving theory test, success in theory and hazard is must. If you fail in any of the test you will have to reappear in both the tests and until you pass the both.